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In 1998 Finadvice was founded as an independent consultancy firm in Adliswil, Switzerland, focusing predominately on Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). We specialise in advising and supporting a broad range of European utility companies with their investment decisions. Valuations and profitability calculations are at the core of our work.

Finadvice is 100% management owned and therefore we can advise our customers without the worry of any conflict of interests arising. For this reason, a large portion of our clients have stayed with us since the foundation of the company. Our team has a wide range of skills and expertise, with vast experience in dealing with all aspects of the utility sector. Hence, we are capable of identifying and analysing the key value drivers in our markets.

We provide business outcomes at speed and with accuracy, while also being able to integrate easily into our client’s teams. When structuring our teams we make sure that we cover the whole value chain of customer’s business, but also take the technical, economic and legal aspects of the sector into account.


M&A Utilities

The utility industry is our “dearest child”. We have extensive experience in transactions with regard to all activities and value added stages in the utility sector and in many countries.


Management Consulting

Our in-depth knowledge of the utility industry allows us to go at our consultancy work deeper into detail and also provide plausible assumptions into question to identify hidden risks and optimization potential.

Corporate Finance

Our services in the area of corporate finance include the search for an optimal financing for infrastructure and project development as well as the securing of services through bank guarantees.asd

Medium-sized Companies

We offer our M&A services also for small & medium sized companies. In several countries we have partners that we work regular together on joint projects, especially cross border transactions.


Our clients are well-known companies in the fields of electricity, gas, heat and water supply, as well as technology companies and institutional investors and investors of the “Energiewende”. We help them not only to adapt to the ongoing changes, but also to actively shape, learn and continue to develop in the changing environments.

Total amount of projects

Total transaction volume in MW

Total transaction volume in MEUR

Transaction of renewable energy projects in MW

Total transaction volume in TWh

Total grid transaction in km


The overview shows only successfully concluded transactions. Our role was not publicly disclosed in several further transactions. Colour legends: Grey: grid and regulated infrastructure, Green: renewables, Blue: other business



In 2013 Finadvice and SOS Children’s Villages entered a partnership agreement. This partnership includes an annual donation and provides support for children’s charity projects. The projects are carefully selected by SOS Children’s Villages and the help is guaranteed. Thanks to our support many children worldwide have already received help, with this partnership Finadvice show their social commitment.