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Our clients define –based on their own resources and the transaction volume- the level of detail and focus of our work. Our industry knowledge allows us to analyse in more detail, question general assumptions and identify risk and opportunities instantly.

M&A in the Utility Industry

Finadvice offers capable and efficient advice at the interface between utilities and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Utilities have their own business concept, due to their grid and heavy/longterm investment related structure. The electricity business singularity is that power can’t be stored and the energy transition to renewable power is in progress. We have the state of the art knowledge of the economical, technical and legal connections due to our specialisation. This offers our clients the cutting edge in this fast developing market.

  • Renewable energies in the area of wind, solar and biogas / -mass
  • Conventional electricity and heat generation
  • Power, gas, heat, water and waste water grids
  • Energy storages of all kinds and technologies
  • Trading and Sales
  • Waste Service & Management
  • Project development, new/alternative technologies and service

Management Consulting in the Utility Industry

Our in-depth knowledge of the utility industry allows us to go at our consultancy work deeper into detail and also provide plausible assumptions into question to identify hidden risks and optimization potential. Over the years we have deepened our industry knowledge and can offer valuable add-on’s:

  • Management/strategy consulting
  • Partner and cooperation structures
  • Energy related risk management
  • Reporting und investment controlling
  • Process management between generation, trading and sales – in companies, groups or between partners
  • Valuation, Negotiation and Execution of long term energy supply contracts
  • Regulation issues
  • National/regional policy support
  • Expert testimony
  • Portfolio management
  • Price and Product optimisation
  • Market and country studies

Corporate Finance

Classical financing tools such as loans represent just a fraction of financing possibilities. During the last years, the increasing complexity of doing business led to the development of a wide range of financing products. The aim is to jointly agree on an optimal financing structure that fulfills the clients’ requirements.Finadvice provides its clients with the following services:

  • Analysis of the existing financial structure
  • Definition of key points for the structure of financing
  • Arranging of non-recourse financing
  • Support for fund raising
  • Negotiation support during the fund raising process

M&A for Medium-sized Industry Businesses

We offer M&A advisory for clients in all businesses. Our core business is the utility industry and small & medium sized companies. Our points of interest are countries we have own offices in: Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and as well India. In several countries we have partners we work regular together on joint projects. This applies especially to cross border transactions with countries where we have own offices.